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How to get in

Small guide to make very easy the self access to the apartment

We have designed an automatic check-in and check-out system, so that the house is quickly accessible to all guests, even with very little notice or at night.

The automatic door opening functions and the display of the codes in your reserved area are active only on the days of the reservation, so dont’ worry if you are reading this guide in advance to prepare for the stay and you can’t find the buttons mentioned, they will appear on the day of your check-in and you will be able to see the code for the save when the flat is ready for you!

Once you get to via Bentivogli 11 you will have the front door to the building in front of you.

To open the door, log in to, click on “Reservations” and under “Doors opening” click on the “Main” button (please don’t click for testing, the click opens the door!).

Once inside you will have to go up a floor and a half (3 stairs), halfway between the first and second floor you will find yourself in front of a glass door with white frames.

To open this door you need to click on the “Secondary” button, next to the previous button.

Exit this door, go down the metal staircase, turn right and walk along the building until you are in front of the door of Casamia.

On the windowsill you see in the picture there is a black cover, under that box there is a safe, inside which you will find the house keys.

To open the safe you must enter the code (you can find it on the same page of the site that contains the buttons you used to open the doors) followed by the # key and turn the knob clockwise. At this point you can pick up the keys, close the safe door, turn the knob anti-clockwise and put the cover back on the safe. Now that you have the keys you can use them, for the rest of your stay, even to open the doors you opened with the buttons on the website. Please text us when you get in so we can be sure you are ok and you are in!

In the page of the site you used to enter you will also find the Wi-Fi password.

Check-out instructions

At the time of your departure we ask you to close the windows, turn off the lights and the air conditioning, wash dishes and pots if you used them (you can use the kitchen but if you do you have to wash what you used and place it back where it was), leave the towels you have used in the bathroom on the floor, put the towels you did not use in the closet, lock the door and put the keys in the same safe where you found them. The procedure and the code to open the safe is the same as the arrival. Please send us a text when you leave.